Please Tell Me About Dennis Galuszka Strats


Hi Guys and Gals,

I have the opportunity to check out a Galuszka Masterbuilt 50th Anniversary Strat.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with his guitars. How do they compare to other Masterbuilders' instruments in general? (IOW, I'm sure that his guitars are pretty good... He wouldn't be a MB if they were crappy!)

Also, with the 50th Ann. Masterbuilts, they are supposed to have Abigail Ybarra pickups aren't they?

Kind regrads,


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I played a Dennis masterbuilt '66 relic strat that my friend used to own. His work is flawless and is definitely as good as C.W. Flemming and Greg Fessler (I own a Fessler masterbuilt strat). You have nothing to worry about with a Dennis build. I don't know if your particular model has Abby's or not. My Fessler strat does and I've owned Abby's in my old '69 relic. Amazing pickups that are sure to please if you have them in your guitar. Hope this info helped.


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I get to play a Galuszka Masterbuilt 50th like the one you are looking at on a daily basis and it is a killer guitar. Nicely put together. Great closet classic aging. Those guitars have great feeling necks too.

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