Please tell me everything possible about Berklee. (Alumni, current students, enter)


I am considering it as a possible choice for me to look into. I know some people here are alumni, current students, faculty etc.

I want to know everything you can tell me about the school, your personal experiences good and bad, what you got from it, what were you able to accomplish after graduating, did you think it was worth it, would you reccomend it, etc. like i said, i want to know EVERYTHING.

you can post experiences here, or you can PM me, your choice.

The Captain

Rich, I have nothing to add here, but coming home form my singing lesson today, I was thinking about your dilemma, prompted by a chat to my buddy who is struggling through Pharmacy, and I remembered something I was told a few years ago, and that I have always follwed since.
I was asking a friend about investment advice and he said............

"Mate, you just keep investing in yourself, everything else will take care of itself."

So, I have singing lessons, even though I will never be a great singer.


TGP is not always the best place to seek advice on every subject. Anyone can say anything about any topic, with no real name attached, and you have no idea whether you are being taken for a ride or not.

You might want to contact actual students attending the school who will be honest about their experiences- you can PM me and I will give you some email addresses of students who will be straight up about the pros and cons of Berklee (for them, as in anything YMMV). There isn't a central message board for Berklee, but you might make contact with some via:

General info:


Have you considered visiting the campus to meet some of the instructors and students...kind of see what the life on campus is like?

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