POD HD PRO X + Rocktron Velocity 300 questions

So I got a POD HD PRO X rackmount and a velocity 300. On their way to me.
Gonna run them through a Mesa Rectifier 2x12 cab with V30's

I'm wondering if there are any tips on the setup of the POD to get this thing sounding great. Bear with me, as it's been 10 years since I've had a rack system, but I do not want the cab modeling on with the POD as I'm using a real cab, correct?

Another quesiton, I'm wondering what footswitch people are using with these? I don't care about wah or volume, just to turn on and off effects and switch patches.



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Yes, turn off the cab sims, and dial it in at gig volume.

If you need to run direct, invest in a Logidy EPSi or Torpedo CAB plus some good 3rd party IRs, such as the Ownhammer Studio Mix sets.

The Line 6 option for control is an FBV Shortboard. If that doesn't suit your needs, then you can use pretty much any MIDI controller you want.

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