Poll: Are you buying the Quad Cortex? Why?

Are you buying a Quad Cortex?

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Lots of other threads to argue details...just curious how many are buying one and why?

I can rationalize buying one in lots of ways:
  • it'll replace existing gear and will be "better"
  • I've sold off a bunch of other gear so I have money in the gear fund
  • it's got features/function I like from each of the platforms
  • it's a shiny new toy to play with and I'm bored from not playing gigs since last February with none on the horizon for 2021

But the other side of me knows:
  • Really it's just an expensive toy
  • the POD Go is more than capable for what I "need" for home practice
  • after owning all the different modeling platforms I went right back to a simple traditional board with a tube amp for gigs - doubt the QC will be any different
  • it won't make me a better player and it's not going to change anything practical in my musical world.
  • I should probably just invest the $1700 in cryptocurrency and see if I become a millionaire in a few years....

So of course I have one on pre-order with Sweetwater. ;-)

EDIT: just changed my vote to "Doubtful". I'm passing for now on the pre-order as my tolerance for dealing with gear is pretty low right now and I doubt that it'll end up replacing much if anything in my rig.

The other plain truth is I just can't bring myself to have that much money tied up in something that will be for home use. I don't enjoy playing thru headphones/studio monitors all that much regardless of whether that's the Kemper, Axe III or Helix. And once I plug into an amp then the differences in digital units becomes pretty minor. And the Helix drives/effects with a great tube amp are awesome.

So the POD Go wins the day....it already does way more than I will ever need for home practice.

So for home it's -

For gigs it's a 50 watt 1x12 Wonderdawg combo

with a traditional board and the DSM Simplifier as my direct to board option.

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I'm still on the fence. We'll see.

I already know it's not a replacement for my main rig (AxeFX III). But I can see potential for it replacing my HX Stomp as a secondary rig.

Right now, it's between FM3 and QC. And Cygnus is making a reallly strong argument for FM3 right now.
The bar is set high and QC is gonna have to seriously deliver the goods to make a solid case for itself.

The thing about the QC is that it seems like it's three main selling points so far are all things I don't care about:
- touch screen UI
- wifi and cloud community
- captures

I have very little interest in captures, I'll probably never even connect to the wifi "cloud" system, and I'm completely ambivalent about the touch screen.


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Yes. So I don't have to choose between modeling and profiling/capturing. I can have both in one unit. Also seems more capable than FM3 with the same form factor. Fractal always had the excuse that FM3 wasn't powerful enough to run some of the latest algorithms and effects. QC doesn't have that limitation.


details...just curious how many are buying one and why?
First of all, I think it'll do very well.

I didn't know if I should've picked "Doubtful", but at least for now, I'm very firmly in the no category for the following reasons,

1) I thoroughly enjoy my Helix, and it has taught me that these things take years to mature, the QC will be no different here

2) I have almost zero interest in the Capture functionality, if it was added to a very mature product like Fractal or Helix, I wouldn't be against it, but with QC it seems to have taken priority over more the effects and amp modeling, quantity wise

3) While the price is fair, it's not something I would buy just on whim, it would require saving up and make other sacrifices

4) have demoed the plugins, and they sound great and look even better, but I prefer Helix, probably because I've been using it since for 5 years.

5) Getting to know a new product is always an investment of time and energy, which I know won't be worth half as much as woodshedding (which is why I spend so much time practicing through my THR 30, it's less distracting)

Congrats on the unit, though :)

Alex Kenivel

it won't make me a better player and it's not going to change anything practical in my musical world.
This is kind of where I'm at with it. I'm a Helix Native/Floor/Stomp user and I've become very comfortable with the workflow and sounds. To me, my time is worth more than the money I'd spend on a device that would make such an impact on the way I make music as I'd probably have to sell some gear to fund one -- most likely my Helix Floor if I had to choose. I dont feel like investing time and energy into learning a new workflow and palette of sounds when I have three kids to take care of.

I'm not an amp nor a pedal connoisseur so the idea of captures doesn't really spark my interest as much as a big enough model list to find an model to tweak to my liking, although I am interested in Fractal-level editing and diving, and if this had that I'd probably be at least a little more intrigued.


I've owned the Axe-Fx Standard, Axe-Fx 2 and Yamaha THR100HD. Currently own a Helix Floor. Have a Quad Cortex on order.

The things I am looking from it are:
  • Touchscreen UI
  • More compact size
  • Better cab sims (being able to set up a virtual mic makes setting up the cab sim child's play).
For me the QC will be the rig that I haul when I don't haul my amps. The Helix Floor is a damn surfboard so taking it with you as your only unit is a bit of a chore. I am not primarily looking for the QC to replace the Helix but will test it for that too. I expect it will take some firmware updates to get there though.

I also want to just try the new thing and see how it works for me. I can return it if it isn't to my liking. Soundwise I don't expect it to be better than others on the market, just on par.

Pricewise the QC in EU is the same cost as Kemper Stage and Line6 Helix Floor at 1599 euros. Line6 Helix LT is 999 euros and Fractal FM3 is 1266.



  • I like having access to modeling and profiling/capturing in one unit.
  • I want a full-powered unit in a compact chassis with no integrated expression pedal.
  • It will be the top priority for Neural in terms of developing new models and effects for some time to come.
  • I like legitimate new players in this space, and I know the competition benefits users of all of the top-tier devices.
  • It will take little-to-no time to learn how to use it.
  • I can combine my favorite Helix, Fractal and plug-in sounds in one device.

That being said, I'm really enjoying the FM3 this time around, and I am growing a smidge more comfortable navigating it with the on-device UI. So, if I grow too comfortable between now and end of March/beginning of April when I can buy the QC....then, nah.


I hope to get one this year, cause it seems like a good solution for me. 2 main reasons... The first one is financial. I took a 10+ year hiatus from playing, and sold off most all of my gear. I recently started playing again, but can’t justify having a roomful of guitars/amps/pedals now that I have a family.

It also seems a bit silly for me to lug a $10k+ rig to a $100 bar gig, when I can get 99% of the way there tone-wise for under $2k. I used to be like a lot of guys here, always chasing that last 1% of tone. Now that I’ve been away from it for so long, it kind of seems a little ridiculous. Again, that’s just my perspective as it pertains solely to me, that’s not a comment on anybody else’s tone quest.

The other reason is that I want to simplify my rig compared to what it was 15-20 years ago. I’m not getting any younger, and I have no desire to lug around multiple amps/cabs and an aircraft carrier sized pedalboard.

That said, I still plan on buying a couple amps over the next few years. I hope to grab a Mark V 25 and something by Friedman, as well as another Bad Cat (always regretted getting rid of mine).


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I like the form factor of the unit and the features they have built into it. It looks great! The GUI of it is outstanding and it looks very easy to use. However, I really don't want to move to another system when I am really comfortable with what I am currently using.

I will take the time to try one out though for sure but the availability of these in my area won't be for a long while. I think they will sell like hotcakes!

Looking forward to hearing real user reviews here.


Voted: No . Just because I have no need at the moment. (I know it's not a prerequisite around these parts). Happy with my current gear. I'll follow the progress as I'm sure there will be growing pains as there always is with fledgling projects . More competition in the market is great for us.


I want to replace my rig of VG-99 with Helix into SY-1000 with QC.

Main reasons:
- all will fit on one board.
- Helix amp modeling needs a lot of work to sound good in my setup. Hope to get good results quicker with the QC.
- QC has a lot of power and potential.

If QC doesn't work out, I may get an FM3. But I think it will be harder to incorporate in my setup.

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