Poll: Preferred String Gauges for Electric Guitar

Which string gauges are you using on your electric guitars?

  • 13 Gauge Sets

    Votes: 13 1.3%
  • 12 Gauge Sets

    Votes: 30 3.0%
  • 11.5 Gauge Sets

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 11 Gauge Sets

    Votes: 125 12.4%
  • 10.5 Gauge Sets

    Votes: 25 2.5%
  • 10 Gauge Sets

    Votes: 559 55.2%
  • 9.5 Gauge Sets

    Votes: 111 11.0%
  • 9 Gauge Sets

    Votes: 350 34.6%
  • 8 Gauge Sets

    Votes: 37 3.7%
  • 7 Gauge Sets

    Votes: 6 0.6%

  • Total voters


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I’m just curious about what people use from the perspective of the starting gauge. Multiple votes okay as I know some people use different gauges with a Les Paul than they would with a Tele or Strat. Poll only offered ten answers so my choices best reflect what I can post.

I use 9.5 gauge custom sets for standard tuning on both Gibsons and Fenders. And I use 10 gauge custom sets for Eb/D# standard and alternate tunings such as Open G.
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I really like the feel of 10’s under my fingers, and use them most of the time.

I will occasionally drop down to 9’s on my strat or superstrat.

I’ll probably move to 9’s permanently 9n my superstrat.

But they feel somewhat thin under my fingers, I prefer the feel of 10’s.


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My main sets for open C weren't listed. :confused:

They're 0.015" - 0.068", but they feel like balanced tension 0.011"s.


Was ripping high Es off of a couple guitars decades ago and changed it up to 10s. When I started playing they didn't have numbers just were strings in a pack light,med or heavy. 10s are best for me but it took me about 20 years to figure it out.


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Most of my guitars are on 10-48 Stringjoys now, I just put my Grosh S-style in Eb with a set of their 11-50's, which sounds fantastic. I also have a baritone that I tune to B, and use 13.5-64's, I have been tweaking the gauges on that guitar, which is easy with how customizable the Stringjoy stuff is.


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Have used Regular Slinky's (10 - 46) on most of my electrics for many years.

Same here. I just custom sets now where I sub the high e 10 for a 9.5 as that works a little better for me. Plus I up the low E to 48. I’m happy with the rest at 13, 17, 26 and 36.

I voted 10 and have been using them forever, but I am seriously considering moving to 9.5 as my hands just aren’t as strong as they used to be and I am starting to feel some arthritis moving in.

I can see that for sure!

That's what I did. 8.5 - 40 lately. Used to use 10's a long time ago. Better tone out of the lighter strings.

I often hear that heavier strings sound better and have more tone. I think it depends on a lot of factors and I’ve found 10s sound pretty damn good. But you can go to lighter gauges too and they will sound great for rock-oriented guitar.

Yes , the 17 just flat out sucks for my playing technique .

I can see that… I think trying out different gauges to see what works best is very worthwhile. You might like something like a pack with 9, 12.5, 16, 24, 34 and 46 more than 10s.


Played 10's for years. Recently thought I'd try out a set of 9's on my Lester and found them to be too loosey goosey, I guess I have a heavy hand. Found out they have those in betweener 9.5's (I never knew!) and I'm really liking those. Don't have to fight them as much as the 10's and they've got a nice bounciness without feeling all floppy. So right now, 9.5's.


9-46 on EBMM JP12, tuned to E
9-46 + 56 on EBMM JP13 7-string, tuned to B
10-46 on LP, tuned to Eb
11-64 on Ibanez 7621 7-string, tuned to A

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