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Poll: Telecaster body wood - Alder, Ash or it doesn’t matter?

Alder, Ash or doesn’t matter

  • Alder

    Votes: 17 11.3%
  • Ash

    Votes: 75 49.7%
  • Doesn’t matter

    Votes: 58 38.4%

  • Total voters


Silver Supporting Member
If you have a preference, please post why.
Do you think alder or ash makes a certain difference in the sound, like brighter, warmer, etc...?


If I'm going for a very specific 50s/Broadcaster tone, I want ash, and light. (and the right pickups and hardware)

if I'm going for a 60s Buck Owens kinda clean, I'd go for alder (and the right pickups and hardware)

If I just want a 'tele', it doesn't matter.

mad dog

Gold Supporting Member
Yes, it matters. Everything matters. I like both for different reasons. Ash does seem to have more twang. Alder to my ears is smoother sounding somehow.


Just got an ash Tele. It's definitely bright and lively, in a good way. The pickups might have something to do with it, though.


klon free since 2009
Gold Supporting Member
if you want big balls you go ash but if you want candlepin you go alder. you'll knock more stuff down with ash. basic biology.
The question can provide only subjective answers. If the asker of the question really doesn't know what the woods sound like, then any answers will still mean absolutely nothing to the asker because if it can't be heard, then it STILL can't be heard after being told in words what woods sound like - it doesn't work like that.
There are two sides, two camps, those that know and those that don't know.
To make the question even more un-productive, a fraction of people involved in such discussions, are actually quite sore about other people having abilities they don't and simply refuse to accept another perspective, and the inevitable shXtfight starts. Fighting won't permit people to hear things, only playing the guitar or having ( a lot of ) training on other instruments will enable this special capability.
Having said all that, there is an enormous variance within species of guitar woods, there is a sort of very loose way of describing what different woods TEND to sound like, but you can't really be definitive about it all because of that variance.

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