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Poll: To (Buffer/Line Driver) or To (Not) ?

What works better for maintaing the integrity of your guitar signal?

  • Buffer / Line Driver

  • Loop Master/ Switcher

Results are only viewable after voting.



Seriously it depends on how many pedals you run and how long your leads are. I love the simplicity of the looper but have to have a buffer as well since my amp is usually 30ft away from me and I run a few pedals. I suppose in my chain the looper is the luxury but it just makes switching so much cleaner and easier.


When it comes to buffering or not buffering or needing or wanting to put pedals in a looper either to reduce capacitance load or because they're hardwire bypass pedals or whatever, there are just so many variables....there's no way to answer a poll like this with a simple choice or a yes/no answer. The only meaningful answer is "it depends" -- and it depends on a lot of factors -- what are the bypass schemes of the pedals you have, are there problems of impedance matching between pedals, what's the capacitance of the cable you're using, how much of it are you using, etc.....


Platinum Supporting Member
i would expect to use a buffer in front of a bunch of loop switch connections, which can still have resistance and capacitance to be overcome.


Senior Member
I use a 6-loop Loop-Master switcher and find it very helpful in organising things.

I've tried buffers and honestly couldn't hear any difference. Some of my guitars have active electronics, which of course makes a buffer unnnecessary.

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