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POLL: Which is your go to cabinet? 1x, 2x, 4x? Why?

Which is your go to cabinet?

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Platinum Supporting Member
4x10. I discovered the Marshall 4x10 guitar cabs a couple decades ago, fell in love with their compact nature and huge, tight sound and never looked back. That led to being willing to try out a Bassman combo, and guess what - love it. The Bassman has become my main gig amp now.

Phil M

Silver Supporting Member
2x12, but it’s gotta be the right one.

I prefer 4x12s but I stopped using them a few years ago for various reasons. A 2x12 can be most of the way there in a smaller package.

Right now I have an older 3rd Power Switchback 2x12. The only other one that I’ve loved was a Soldano 2x12 that I used from ‘99-‘09. I’ll never understand why I soldctgat one, best cab ever.


I'm not feeling it when people say that moving around a 2x12 is easier.

The Orange 2x12 I recently acquired is heavy af. No way could I move that more than 100 metres without straining something.


4X12's 90% of the time. I do have a 2X12 and a 1X12.

Gigging on a weekly basis. I love using the 4X12's because for me nothing sounds even close recording gig wise.

I,m 45YO as well if age plays into choices.


Gold Supporting Member
I have 8 2x cabs - 3 10", 4 12" and one 15". The 15" is a Dual Showman cab with JBLs in it. It stays in the practice room and serves as a bass amp. The 10's are all closed back, Fender Tremolux style cabs. I love the sweet punchy sound and easy portability. Two of the twelves are Marshall style - a 1936 side by side and a 2061 diagonal slant. The other two are Bandmaster/Bassman small cabs.

I also have a 1x10" sitting in the living room for playing by the tv and a 4x12 Marshall 1960a that never leaves the practice room. Too big.

Then there's combo amps...

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