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Poll: Your Favorite of the Big 3 Brands

Pick your favorite of the big 3 brands:

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Go ahead and pick your favorite!

Did a search on here and couldn’t find a poll where people selected their favorite brand of the big 3 companies: Fender, PRS or Gibson.

There were other threads where every manufacturer/luthier under the sun is mentioned in the comments, but I’d like to the data on just the 3 big ones.


I'm going Fender since I am a strat player at heart. I really dislike the Gibson neck profiles so that's out for me. I want to like PRS but just haven't found one that made me want to pull the trigger. Paul rubs me the wrong way in his interviews, but that wouldn't prevent me from buying.


Silver Supporting Member
From what i’ve seen in the last couple years i’d put suhr before prs. I remember when kramer jackson and bc rich were the big 3 american brands. Guess i’ll get a prs some day so i can say i had one. Kinda miss the good old days of flipping through magazines to see what the rock gods on the radio were playing and dreaming about owning one.