Polyphonic Pitch Shift Mooer Pitch Box vs. Morpheus Droptune


I occasionally sub for a band or two that plays some songs in strange keys that don't really work for the right guitar parts. I have a Morpheus Droptune that I've used to drop the key and it's ok, but I put it in a true bypass loop.

I just found out about at the Mooer Pitchbox and love that it's smaller, uses standard 9v and has other possible uses. But the reviews and demos are all over the place. Strangely, I can't find a comparison of these two pedals anywhere.

Would the Pitchbox be decent for pure polyphonic pitch changing like the Droptune?

Is one noticeably better than the other? For the price, convenience and true bypass, it would make sense to have the tiny Mooer on my board. But not if it won't work well for my intended purpose.



I just tried a used one at guitar center today... I felt it tracked great, but the pitch shifted notes were seriously out of tune.

Does anyone know if this has an internal adjustment? I really wanted to like this, but for non Harry Parch music it wouldn't work so well.

(It's nice that guitar center offers a 30 day return on used stuff, but on the other hand, they don't seem to test the incoming stuff at all. I bought a univibe this summer, and (my fault I know) didn't use it until a couple of months ago. It didn't work and I opened it up, and it was clearly someone's learn to solder project. All the pots were unwired, and a bunch of other 'improvements' done)...


Id go with an EHX pitchfork or Digitech The Drop for what you are describing your uses. These pedals were designed for drop tuning a standard tuned guitar, while they are not as small as the mooer, they are definitely smaller than the morpheus.

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