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Possible major tube score!!!


Watch for Telefunken preamp tubes and Mullard power tubes. Those will be worth some bucks, especially if they test well or are virtually NOS.


Go find the PDF versions of "Tube Primer" is has so much info in it. It is packed tube ID, tube histories and characteristics. I am sure you can ID them using the primer


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Huh, I gave a friend of mine all my old non-functioning tubes a while back. He owns an antique store. Probably just a coincidence.

I kid.


Cool adventure, fun video. Look at it this way, you did better than you likely would have spending the money on lotto or a casino visit.

A pair of 12AX7 CBS labeled, could be RCA, Sylvania or GE. CBS owned Fender and bought tubes from these companies. G.E. used a very distinctive etching font so they are easy to spot. The value of working tubes from these manufactures is about $25 each and more for some specific versions.

Usable in some guitar amps:

6AU6 single triode, basically half of a 12AX7, used for tremolo & reverb in some vintage amps.

12BH7 very similar to and interchangeable with a 12AU7. I like these in a tube boost pedal I built called the Valvecaster. Fun easy DIY project. Google it for assembly instructions.

Look for that "AX1B". That might be a 12AX7A with worn print. I don't think AX1B is a valid number. Also check out the "made in Holland" better. That would be an Amperex made tube. Many of the tube companies were brand labeling for each other towards the end of the tube heyday. Amperex ECC83 (12AX7) tubes are awesome. It would be great if it's that.

6X4 rectifier tube used in some small vintage tube amps.

All in all I would say you broke even but may have done well if the "AX1B" is really a 12AX7A and have done great if the made in Holland tube is a ECC83/12AX7.
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We have a local indoor flea market that has probably 20 old tube radios, many are well under $50. I spent about an hour pulling tubes to see what they were and what they may be worth but left without buyign anything. There was no wifi int he place and I got tired if waiting 2 minutes for each page to load. There were a number of tubes that were were $20 or more.

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