Post a Solo that "Tells a Story" and....


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Here is a 3-minute improv solo of something I made up during one of our live shows.

I'm not trying to tell a specific story -- just playing with heart and passion, that's all I really want to do, although I'd like to see what you guys think it says :)
Hey Dustin, that's a great solo with a lot of emotion in it. In fact every one in the BGP plays with a lot of passion.
Post some more songs when you get a chance.

mike walker

What amp / guitar did you use for the solo
Must have been loud ?
Not so loud, V.
The usual Boogie MIV with 2x12s.

Turned to the amp to get it to sing and just find those harmonics.

Love that amp. It's complex but getting old and crotchety and I like the combination, kinda like an old coen bros professor played by Tommy Lee Jones.
'No country for old profs'.

Gotta be 20 years old this amp now.

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