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Post irrefutable facts about guitar types.


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If you spend 90% or more of your time playing a strat, you kinda adjust to this peculiar design feature. But if you spend a fair amount of time on Tele's or LP's and you go to a strat, the volume knob and pickup selector location seems idiotic. How can anyone pick close to the bridge on a Strat without hitting the volume knob? It takes a pretty unique "style" to pull that off.
Others view that as a feature and not a bug. The knob placement makes it easy to do volume swells.


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I don't doubt that at all. My irrefutable fact is that it is very easy to accidentally move the volume knob and hit the pickup selector switch on a Strat. Another irrefutable fact is that the Strat is probably the easiest guitar to do volume swells with the volume knob.


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Here's mine:

If you show up to the gig with a hot-**** flashy guitar like a White Falcon or a Danny Gatton sparkle Tele or something...

Son, you better play the **** outta that thing or you look like a serious poseur.

But, that's just me. LOL


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Amateurs should not be relic'ing guitars, leave that to the professionals please.


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No one has made a quality guitar since 1959, and those guitars haven't played a note worth a damn since December 31, 1979.

I agree, which I'm sure makes me a close-minded loser Neanderthal of some type.

Now where did I put my Led Zep records...
Leo continued to listen to his customers and refine the designs, just as Fender has done in his absence. The original strat and tele designs are fantastic, but I prefer the bridge and the MFD pickups on my ASAT Special, and the noiseless pickups/5-way toggle/S1 switching on my American Deluxe. Nothing wrong with a little tweaking :)
Amen ... Loves me some MFDs

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