Post some musicians that are great but no one knows about


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Daniel Gildenlöw
brilliant guitar player, brilliant song writer, brilliant lyricist, brilliant composer, brilliant singer.


Just saw these guys tonight, but I've known the guitarist/songwriter Tom for about 10 years. He's a great dude but moreover an incredibly talented & prolific musician.

His other band is pretty heavy but this is more classic americana. Great tune-



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Whispering Pines out of L.A. Kind of rootsy rock.....great playing and great songs.



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Sergio Vallin is mostly unknown here in the USA but well known around the Americas and the World as the guitarist for the Mexican rock group Mana'. Dude is supremely talented, an amazing guitarist, can play many genres masterfully and never ceases to amaze me.

Galen Hunsucker, my guitar instructor, is a criminally unknown guitarist. I've never met someone in real life that was so talented. If it has strings he can play it and play it masterfully. Jazz, country, blues, rock, fusion, Celtic, Gypsy...he can play it all. He's one of those guys who is out gigging every night somewhere and doesn;t have time to be concerned with popularity though and I respect that. Because if you have met him, you'd never forget him. If you've heard him play you'd definitely never forget it. I'm truly blessed to have such a great person, friend and amazing guitarist to take lessons and learn from.



If you like the sensitive singer songwriter types .
He was in a group of us who went down to work at a Mexican orphanage and he was singing Dylan songs all the way thru by memory .


2 guys I know locally that have been kicking ass but getting little attention otherwise.

Maddog Andy Miles - Ive been in bands with former mates of his and the guy is a terror from blues,jazz too back when he played Dio,Dokken and Ratt note for note in the early 80's.

Sean Baker - Another local guy that just plays so easily its amazing.
He's a shredder primarily but he is accomplished in theory and hangs out and records with
Bruce Bouillet,Paul Gilbert,George Lynch as well as few other top of the heap shredders.


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I have 3..

Will Hoge in the Americana/rock genre. Dude has the best voice I know of.

In the blues side Melvin Taylor has tone, voice and rips

Pop, my pick is The Damon Castillo band.

I want to pass the word along on these guys. Tired of the same average guys getting all the attention.

I'm tired of it, too. But I've been tired of it since probably 1970.

[BTW, I happen to know Del Castillo -- that's what you're talking about, I think. They are FABULOUS.]

Here's a point I'd like to me. All can take it or leave it.

The problem is, I can't post many of the great and unrecognized musicians you may be alluding -- because they've come and gone. I probably don't remember 90% of their names, or even they themselves.

They come and they go, to put it as best I can.
But once they're gone, they're gone. Some of them probably wind up on the street, or working for carpet companies, or in cubicles at insurance companies.
They're secondary "crime" for not having achieved fame or recognition is that they got Old, and if there's one thing that's a crime on TGP, it's.....

But I digress.

Old guys like me like to begin these kinds of discussions like this:

"There was a guy who used to play in a regional band, late 70's, early 80's...I think the band was Grand Junction, or The Blank-Blank Brothers, or the Blah-Blah River Band...****, I don't remember. Anyway, this guy played a beat-up 345, he was short with stubby little fingers like Roy Clark, but I'm telling you, I have NEVER heard a better guitar player, I know you don't believe me....but..."

But it's too late. He's gone.

You only matter if you're Young, and Now. And even then, you better catch the train, cause it goes by fast and only comes once.


Unless you live in Ireland you probably haven't heard of Lisa Hannigan... she has some of the most haunting melodies and perfect harmony I've ever heard.

Bonus video, her band performing while crammed into a coat closet (or something) at a bar.



Good call on Will Hoge there.

I have played on a few shows with Barry Richman in years past. I can attest to him being a monster player. He is also a vintage collector of the highest order.

If I had to name somebody who ought to be known but isn't, it's Adrian Duke.


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Bobby East, jammin in Detroit

The Reefermen
...played bass for Kidd Rock for a few yrs, lots of you-tube vids...

(this old guy needs take the time to learn how to post a vid :D)


Jerry Joseph:

Bloodkin (ok, the vid for this one is HORRIBLE, but this is one of my fav tunes, so..)

Romany Rye

I'll edit in some youtube vids later when I'm not posting from my phone.
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Barry Richman. Atlanta, GA

Takes a bit to get going, but....... awesome.

great stuff. Barry used to sit in with me a lot in Atlanta back in the mid 80's whenever we were in town. always lots of fun and a great man to cut heads with. he would always come up with awesome stuff that really made me think carefully about what i could play in response. a real gentleman. and all around killer guitarist.

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