Post your entire pedal collection


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Yeah, I get it. Really, really nice. And I appreciate it isn't easy to arrive at this. I also get wanting to try most things out there, but I can't get keeping more than one of each thing. Sure two TS-9s, from '81 and '82 sound different, but...there is a limit that would nag at me unless there is no limit. I'd still only have one of each thing in the end though. Do I miss my '72 Super Fuzz that I brought back to life on the cheap? Hell yes I do. But the sacrifice let me try a lot of things I wouldn't have otherwise and I learned something not as pretty sounds 98% the same. 2% not as good let me try a lot of new stuff. I would have kept it if I could have though. The tiny bit extra bass blast and the satisfying pedal pad were great. Still, would I collect three vintage Super Fuzzes? Nope, just that one thanks. It is enjoying a nicer life for sure. I do get that it takes a long time to decide between flavour A and B of the same pedal though. Like, is the Wattson for me, or back to the BYOC? Time will tell. Still, fun thread, fun journey.

After years of TGP inspired pedalbuying, I am happily at a point to where if it is not on one of these two board then it does not stay.
And these are the guitars that that are played into them


That's a great collection! Isn't it funny that you have a bunch of pedals I don't?
Yeah, you'd think that we've have much more in common considering the number if pedals we have between us. Mind you, nearly half my pedals are from either Tym Guitars or John Fromel.

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TGP has lead me well in my recent days of collecting gear, I really like my boards. My collection may stay close to this size for a bit while I buy better cabling and get instrument maintenance done. Don't laugh at the cheapies, they're placeholders for experimentation.

Not Pictured: Dr Scientist Sunny Day Delay (In the mail, will be here Monday)
Very nice, cool leslie switchers too.

Which of the three plastic expression pedals on the right would you say is the best? I'm looking for a cheap lightweight one.


Plus, you have an EXCELENT ARRAY of tones sittig there my man. Normal, and great - how's it feel?!

Well, aside from the fact they all won't fit back on my board, I don't have a lot of pedal GAS at the moment. I've gotten rid of some excellent ones over the past year, but these are the best I've had with my rig still kicking around.


My current bunch
I'll build a custom board once I've decided on the essentials
Want to add a Pitchfactor & Ravish, and sort out a loop switcher


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