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Post Your Favorite Van Halen Tunes, Shows, Clips or....


Van Halen's first record is the first CD I remember buying with my own money. In fairness, I used a Best Buy gift card, but still. I was 9 years old, I think. I was really into it for about a month or so before I moved onto other things. In that period in time I would get really into bands for very brief periods of time before moving onto something else a little more challenging. In that regard, Van Halen was a good starting place.

I didn't really revisit Van Halen until about two months ago. Would always be happy to hear Panama after a few beers with friends or put on the isolated vocal track of Runnin' With the Devil for a laugh. But it really was recently that I started listening to Van Halen again and being in absolute awe of the playing and Eddie's tone and swagger.

For some reason, the song that's really landed with me recently is Jamie's Cryin. I honestly couldn't tell you more than half of the words in that song, but I just love how Eddie plays it. It's not him at his most flamboyant, but everything he does in that song is perfect. The little chromatic descent down after the riff in E in the verse; the phased out chords in the chorus; and of course the solo: the raunchiness that he goes after the main riff, slightly modified, twice in the lower octave before he goes up the octave up. And then the way he follows the vocal melody at the end of the song. It's perfect.

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Silver Supporting Member
I remember hearing this back in 1978 when it first came out and thinking WTF am I hearing?
Still my favorite VH song, the way he rips into the 2nd solo was something I 'd never heard anyone do before. (none of us had)
it changed everything for me



Silver Supporting Member
Seeing them in Chicago in support of VHII. Crazy great show. It was at the Amphitheater. I was off to the side of Stage Left - to the side of where Eddie played. We were in the first (or maybe second) row of the balcony. I thought, "I'll miss most of what is going on, on stage."

Lo and behold, Eddie must have spent 1/3 of the night looking up at our section, and playing to the SIDE of the stage. It was great.

And DLR - the ultimate MC, Ringmaster, etc. The boys had hit stride; they were tight, loud, brash, and everything else you would want from a true rock show. Great experience.
I was there!
I may be old, but I got to see [most] all of the good bands!


D'Avanzo Guitars
Gold Supporting Member
After about a year of playing guitar seriously I went to this VH concert and Ed's killer live tone is to this day burned into my brain. I've built my own tone around it as I was so inspired by him and that tone that it really fueled me to take guitar seriously. His energy on stage and the joy on his face as he played, ran and jumped around and made it look effortless was just magnetic. Yeah, I even went home and tried to do his signature jumping jack like move as I played haha. While I was always a VH fan this made me a massive EVH fan getting to see the man behind those amazing albums I listened to many times before live for the first time.


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