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Post Your Home Stereo Rig Here


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I know you posted this a long time ago, but I have been racking my brain trying to remember what that really good 80s not expensive preamp was.
Had one back in the 80's...for 395.00 it was huge bargain....one of the reviewer's back then called it "a gift".

Proceed components, OPPO105D, Rane23B stereo 3-way active crossovers, amps and speakers.

My best digital sound is a Proceed PDT3 transport, coaxial out to a OPPO to borrow the DAC's, and analog out to a Proceed AVP2+6. In stereo mode with the sub off, the AVP2 acts as a analog pass-through volume controller.

Analog outs from the AVP to the Rane fully-balanced 3-way electronic crossovers, then, balanced cables out to a Proceed AMP5 (midranges and tweets) and Lexicon LX-7 amp (front bass drivers) and cables to front speaker cabinets.

The Rane XO has fully adjustable crossover frequencies and volume controllers to adjust each cabinet’s bass, mid and tweeters. All it takes was the factory crossover settings to set the XO points, and a disk with test frequency tones to set volumes with a sound level meter and fine-tune with my personal hearing perferences. Take it slow and it’s very easy.

The clarity and balance added by using active crossovers turned my home music system into a keeper with adjustable, reference quality sound qualities.

All components bought preowned. Modest cost for all Mogami Gold Studio analog and digital cables. All connections cleaned yearly with Deox-it Gold. Proceed components fully serviced last year at George Meyer in CA.

Speakers are sealed 1980’s vintage Yamaha TX-One 3-way organ cabinets with 15’s, 7’s and 3 tweeters in each cabinet. I upgraded the midrange and tweeter drivers with top of the line SEAS drivers from Madison Sound. I did speaker experiment with the Rane XO’s to help answer, “To go with an active crossovers or higher end passive possibilities?"

Considering upgrade stories from guys like me simply searching for a great sound, active XO’s and amps saved me thousands compared to buying/trading different full range speakers over the years.


Here is a picture of my CD and LP storage (Ikea product but a custom built in) and my turntable:

Please excuse the Photobucket business; I've never signed up for another online photo hosting site.
Ikea off the shelf storage solutions for the win! I use them too for LP storage, they work well, and a lot cheaper than "specialist" units. Not as many CD's or DVD's as you, all my digital music files are on a NAS, and DVD's have been replaced by VOD services, as there were complaints about how much space they took....


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JBL 4-ways? -and, sure you got enough 'headroom there? :>)
LOL Yeah the room could be bigger. They prefer biamped and I really need a different preamp and I want a solid state bigger amp for the low end and I am hoping 2 of those 2 tube amps will sound great on the highs with the solid state low end.


What's the mid driver on them -pic's too small to see. (My wild guess ..LE88 on the round perf diffractor lens maybe?


Gear page never disappoints as some people got some crazy setups.

My main stereo is my old music PC with a Mackie Blackjack sound card feeding a couple of JBL powered monitors. I got a couple of weighted speaker stands I made years ago with my Dad and a couple of big yoga blocks to isolate the speakers. It's the best sound system I have had and is pretty impressive cranked.

I also got a now 20+ year old Yamaha MSP5s that I use for recording music and can a/b with the JBLs.

Been enjoying the Yamaha sound bar I put on the TV that I got for Christmas last year. I use it to listen to Youtube quite a bit.

kevin hart

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KEF LS50 speakers
Belles Aria integrated amp
Rega RP1 turntable
Apple Airport Express's optical output to Schiit Modi Multibit DAC for wireless streaming
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Why are the KEFs on the floor?
Do you switch them out occasionally with the Focals?
Which of the 3 speakers do you like the best?

I don't see any sub and I'd assume that the MLs have the best bass but a$$uming has gotten me in trouble plenty of times.

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