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Why are the KEFs on the floor?
Do you switch them out occasionally with the Focals?
Which of the 3 speakers do you like the best?

I don't see any sub and I'd assume that the MLs have the best bass but a$$uming has gotten me in trouble plenty of times.
You are 100% correct. I switch out the Focals and the KEFs on occasion.

Nope, you're right again. The MLs do have some very nice low end extension and don't need a sub and surprisingly the Focals have a very nice bass response as well and the KEFs come in third with respect to bass.

With regard to what I'm listening to, I will play one of the monitors or the floorstanders. But I really can't see myself getting rid of any of the 3 because I like them all for different reasons.


Nice 355! I have one that looks about like that :>

I'm curious to know about your speakers there. Does the top driver also do highs/mids and/or tweeter in the center?
Thanks, and I apologize for missing your response. The speakers are a set of Infinity Reference 2000.6’s I purchased new in the late 90’s finished in cherry wood. I confess my ignorance on the specs, it is ported w/ 2 6.5in woofers, and 1in tweeter.


I decided to simplify my system big time. I'd had a TV, 4k DVD player, CD changer, home theater amp, 5.1 system with Velodyne sub and Cambridge Audio separates and center, Parasound in-ceiling surrounds, using the B speaker outputs for my porch speakers, all run through a Harmony Elite remote.
Too darn many wires, plugs, and frustration once the Harmony remote decided to go on the offensive.

So ultimately I went to a much simpler system that suits me as well: TV, BlueSound Vault 2 (rips and stores CDs, and streams hi-res music), Cambridge Audio CX-61 integrated amp, Focal Chora 826 tower speakers (no sub), and BlueSound portable speaker (for porch / other room audio).
Sounds better in every avenue than my prior system, fewer wires, easy operation.

Zounds Perspex

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System update photo with BAT VK-60 tube amp...

Analog path:
Brinkmann Bardo + 12.1 tonearm + RoNT II power supply (on a HRS R3X iso platform)
Acoustical Systems - Archon MOMC cartridge
Synergistic Research Tricon 1.5m RCA phono cable pair
Pass Labs XP-15 phono preamp
>>>Black Cat Stargate 1m XLR cables<<< (Demo loan)
Audio Research Reference One preamp
Tara Labs RSC Master 1.5m XLR pair
Balanced Audio Technology VK-60 amplifier (all NOS tubes)
Tice 416B Biwire speaker cables
Paradigm Persona 9H loudspeakers (room corrected with ARC down to 15 Hz)
all most rad, but especially jealous of the Bardo. I demoed one a while back - what a great table!

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