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Post Your Home Stereo Rig Here


i thought i felt an earthquake down here in portland, but now i understand.
Interestingly enough, just before I stopped working there, Boeing bought a pair of corner horns to study sonic booms.
They also built a ribbon system from a project with Boeing to replicate hi sonic forces on leading edges of wings. That evolved into a REALLY killer ribbon system with 15" subs. It was a lot of fun to work there. I was pretty fresh out of Engineering school

I think I felt it here in WV too......you got a pic of that setup?
Let me get some. Might take me a bit to get it presentable. I got Grand Kids


Here's a basic system I put together when I was experimenting with stripped-down, single-end triode stuff...

  • ProJect RPM4 deck with stock arm
  • Either Grado or Nagaoka cartridge (can't remember which)
  • Antique Sound Labs Mini Phono II phono stage
  • No preamp
  • Pair of Decware EL34 S.E.T. monoblocks
  • My dad's old ADS/Braun speakers
  • Homemade interconnects and speaker cable

Sounded great with well-recorded jazz and vocal music. It's true what they say about imaging, soundstage depth, and level of realism you get with triode amps. Couldn't play very loudly, though. Like a Class A guitar amp, it would start to distort and compress if pushed too far.


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I guess I never posted a pic of the main rig in the living room. No home theater, but we enhance movies and programs with the stereo. The turntable has been sold since I took this, but the rest is the same.
Adcom GFA 5500
Adcom GFP 555II
Sony Blu Ray smart DVD player
Mitsubishi CD player (on the way out)
Focal 706 Chorus speakers
Samsung 60" plasma TV
Not the best scenario for listening, but it's what we have and it works.


My set up Vpi Scout, Rogue Cronus Magnum II Integrated amp and PSB Speakers
How do you like the Scout?

I've used mainly Thorens, Rega, and Pro-Ject decks these last 25-30 years or so. My son broke my Pro-Ject, so I've been using a cheap UTurn Orbit for the time being. I'm considering getting a VPI, but the HiFi forum weenies seem to bitch about them for reasons I can't really understand.


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This is my first turntable. I was going to get a Rega or a Pro-ject but after doing some research I went ahead and bought the VPI Scout. I really like the Scout for its a solid build and the aesthetics is pretty cool too. Soundwise I can't compare with other brands since this is my first turntable. I'm using a Ortofon Bronze Cart. I might go with the black next time.
I've never had any issues since I bought the the table going on 3 years now. I've read some reviews about how bad the customer service VPI have. I've chatted with Mat Westfield (VPI President) a few times before and he's been active with VPI's Social media. So I guess they are easy to get a hold of.
How do you like the Scout?

I've used mainly Thorens, Rega, and Pro-Ject decks these last 25-30 years or so. My son broke my Pro-Ject, so I've been using a cheap UTurn Orbit for the time being. I'm considering getting a VPI, but the HiFi forum weenies seem to bitch about them for reasons I can't really understand.

Guitar Fixation

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Here's mine:

VPI Scout II Turntable
Sumiko Blue Point 2 cartridge
Hagtech Bugle2 Phono Pre (built from kit)
Cary Audio SLI-80 Integrated
Odyssey Audio Lorelei speakers
Benchmark Audio DAC
PS3 (for streaming and BluRay)
Mac Mini for digital collection
Speaker cables I made myself from Belkin cable - no speaker cable voodoo nonsense for me ;)



Mine is kinda cobbled together.

Receiver is an old Maratntz 4415 recently gone through and tuned up.

Turntable is a JVC QL-A51

I also have an old Sony Mini-disc player I use for looping parts of tunes ;when I'm trying to learn them.

and I have a sh*tty old pair of 1968 R/S speakers I bought at a garage sale for $10 just because I thought they looked cool. They actually sound pretty good in my small condo. I am investing in a real pair of speakers this year, still doing the research to see what I want.

A pretty ghetto system by audiophile standards but I'm working on it.



Here's my listening room. Always a mess of wires and crap. Seems to be where everything gets dumped. I moved here a while ago from a larger place that had a huge listening room. I had a painfully detailed Krell, Audio Research, and Wilson system. It was a lot of fun, but way too big for my current room. The speakers had to be about three feet away from the wall to sound good, and I just didn't have the room anymore. Plus the decibel level to sound good gave the neighbors a nice listen too.
These speakers, Silverline's , can sound really good a foot from the wall.
When I got rid of the big system, I actually went backwards to my old system. The heart is my old Audio Research SP-8 preamp with original Telefunken tubes. The amp is Audio Research Dual 75 that I brought back to life a few years ago. The speakers are really efficient and with the amp, they really shine. I have a Rel sub that fills the bottom end a little better, but for most music, isn't necessary. Sources are a Music Hall TT, Pioneer SACD player, Logitech transporter, Mac mini. I have a few DAC's. I am using the Music Hall dac because it has headphone output, but rarely listen to them. The transporter was a pretty slick and great sounding source, but it is pretty much a paperweight after most of the Internet radio stations were shut down. I love new hyper detailed systems, this is not one. But, with the newer speakers, it has plenty of detail, air, plus a huge sound stage. This system is completely listenable, it is like a warm cocoon that envelopes you, brings you into the music. It can make poor recordings shine. I hated how my old system would make you pick your music by the quality of the recording. I am pretty sure there are 28 tubes running in there. It makes a good space heater in the winter!


Analog: Rega RP-1 turntable, Nagaoka MP-300 cartridge
Digital: PC -> Schitt Jotenheim (USB DAC/Headphone Amp)
Rega Brio-R amp
Polk RT-800i speakers

Also headphones (Primarly AKG-K7xx, also a couple of midrange Grados)

Slowly but surely I am piecing together a music space where my son and I can play/listen to our favorite music.

Current setup won't last long as I have a marantz 2265B awaiting output transistors.

Within the next 6 months I expect to completely replace all my stereo components with upgrades.

Fun hobby.
nice Vistalite! Why do so many people always take the resonant heads off? Between that and stuffing a pillow in there you may as well use a cardboard box for a kick drum.
Firstly, I am not a drummer as evident by the bar stool masquerading as a throne behind the kit.

Long story short, I was offered "a really old drum set" and was tickled pink when I realized what it was.
It came without the hoops.

A cardboard box is kinda the sound I was goin for to keep peace in the house.
Plans are in the works to get a proper throne, crash cymbal and hoops and heads.

It occurred to me as I was looking at the photo above the newest thing in the photo was the '81 2204 (not counting the tv and CD player).
I hope to continue the theme.

I like old.

Slowly but surely.

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