Post your purple guitars


My newest axe, purple neon Ibanez RG550 Genesis, loaded with Dimarzio Evo's. I love the way the purple changes color in the lighting (the pics don't do it justice). Will be featuring the RG550 on one of my next covers, along with a full review/demo of the Kramer Baretta reissue as well. So def follow me on the tube ShaddyMD. :dude

Bonus shot with the siblings.
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Aw yeah! This is a good start. Now bring on the purple sparkle guitars!
Well, I was stunned to see this topic! This is my first post. I bought the attached guitar less than a week ago. I think it's hideous, but it has all the features I want (except a roasted neck) and only comes in purple sparkle. It's an ESP 7 string baritone with Fishman pups, a Hipshot bridge, and Gotoh tuners. Plays and sounds great! But whats a retired guy doing with a purple sparkle Purple Sparkle.jpg guitar?! Doug

Mine is just your run of the mill Roadworn Tele. I picked it up used and have played it hard for two years. I’m wrestling with the frets right now. They are not great - lots of stabbing ends poking out and the wear and tear has created divets that catch the b and e strings on some bends. I’m not really sure if it’s worth doing anything or If I just keep playing it until I come across another tele to get excited about.

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