Post Your Yamaha UD-Stomp User Settings


I was reading though another post and someone had the idea of posting some of your favorite delay's and other settings you have came up with for the UD-Stomp. Since it has so many options and different ways you can come up with a user preset i thought it would be great to have a place to share them.

So post all the settings you want.

Here is one, I was hoping more people would share.

here is the univibe-ish patch I try to simulate:

choose 1 band.
Speed = 6.3
Depth = 10
Pan = L10
Level = 10
Wave = Sin
Course Time = 0.40
Fine Time = 0
Low cut = off
High cut = off (you can experiment here to get a more vintage sound)
Feedback = 3.2 (Again experiment here to get a slight phasey sound)
Effect Level = 9
Direct Level = 10

I also use an expression pedal to control the speed. My aim for this preset was to simulate a sound that Mike Landau uses quite alot, so in reality it may not sound exactly like a univibe in a way its half way between a univibe and chorus vibrato (rotary).



Thanks. I need to try that, and I need to post some of mine, if I can get the time to write 'em down.

I'm loving the AH presets and how intricate they are. My problem is everything i have had or used before the UD-Stomp has been simple even with lexicon stuff i was ok. So i am having a hard time Making the delays i want, It's not to often you have 8 stereo delays with control of every parameter of the delay not to mention modulation and how you can cut and paste/connect delays.

I was hoping people had some things to post. I could use help with basic stuff or have tips they would be greatly appreciated. I eventually want to be able to make the lush 3D in depth delays but i would be happy right now just creating some Lexicon PCM 41 & 80, EVH with the -9 on each side.

But im sure trial and error will be my best teacher and i need to read the manual a few times over with all of the content it has HA!

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