pot shootout. 6 pots tested in 69 crybaby!

click as many as you want.

  • POT TEST 1

    Votes: 9 18.4%
  • POT TEST 2

    Votes: 28 57.1%
  • POT TEST 3

    Votes: 4 8.2%
  • POT TEST 4

    Votes: 22 44.9%
  • POT TEST 5 ( scratchy, vintage ERT from wah face circa 71 )

    Votes: 5 10.2%
  • POT TEST 6

    Votes: 7 14.3%

  • Total voters
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pseudo scientific test.

please vote for your favorites and or take guesses if you like, i am purposely not showing which test is which pot. after a week or two, i will reveal which pot is which. hint: the scratchy pot is the ERT, it was left in to show the taper.

thanks to all who play the game!

-- all 6 pots tested in same 69-ish filmcan inductor crybaby.
big thanks to tone-guru john dandry for the wah and inspiring the test.

strat, two amps, all settings identical for each sample.

test notes:
pots tested, listed in random order:
- dunlop hotpotz2, 2016
- dunlop hotpotz1, NOS 1996
- gagan smooth pot 100k
-castledine wah pot 100k
-ERT , circa 72

all nominal 100k , HP1 was 131k, however.

test 1

test 2,

test 3,

amps: rivera era 80s champion 110 thru 12" celestion 75w, the 2nd amp is rivera era champ 2 into stock speaker.

guitar: fender strat with custom pickups. lead pickup on 9.2.

player: 57 year old lefty with fingers.

any comments complaining about the phone recording will be deleted. ditto for those who would prefer to see the foot movement in the video, i didn't do it that way.

disclaimers: i make and sell the gagan smooth pot. i do business with Dunlop, McConopot, and Stu Casteldine and sometimes sell their products also.
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[QUOTE="John Mark Painter,
More moan, less quack.
That can be the Gagan slogan....free of charge @joegagan

it could be a slogan for the pots , but not my wahs.

i wouldn't cut out the quacky lovers of the market. even though my smooth pot is a ' spread out" taper, i make a lot of wahs and kits with hotpotz & their quacky taper, upon customer request. many customers send messages indicating their style, , preferences , gear etc, which helps get them a wah that works for them.


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Someone will be eating their words.. and what does that mean anyway.. plenty of whistle blowers?
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John Mark Painter

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what does this mean? nothing has been revealed.
so far , no one has guessed correctly.
are you implying i stacked the deck?
Maybe you just played better on #2 and #4 :)

I have NO idea what different pots sound like.
And my ears are tuned to my reissue Vox Wah that I bought in '93

#1 didn't sound focused to me
#2 has nice variety on the top and low end
I thought #3 was too subtle.
#4 has a nice honk
#5 was too shrill

P.S. You made me a cocked Wah maybe 3 or 4 years ago that ROCKED. I bought it for a special use and sold it after I was done with it.
So whatever that was is the one I would probably like :_)

R Weaver FX

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Someone will be eating their words.. and what does that mean anyway.. plenty of whistle blowers?
Eating what words? I have no dog in this race. He does. Whistle blowers meaning people that see things like this as crossing the spam line and run to the mods. But I’m sure he knows this already.

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