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Im getting really fed up with potentiometers. They come in an annoying range of standard shapes and sizes. Some dont fit these knobs these dont fit thoes knobs blah blah blah. Anyway i have this nice wiring harness which uses CTS pots and the shaft is too large for the holes in my older squier PG. And the knobs wont fit on the shaft... so its looking like a no go. I want to replace the control harness BC its obviously compromised (looks horrible and appears to have calcium deposits on it)

Anyone know which good quality pots will work on an 87 squier with the knobs?


So... just to be clear, primary concern is making the original knobs match the pots?

I'd probably go with the new, full-size pots, drill out the holes on the pickguard (takes about 5 seconds per hole) and either use new American-spec knobs or carefully drill out the holes in the original knobs if they've aged in a way that you really like.


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The calcium deposits are rubbing compound from when the guitar was made and really not a problem. The holes in the pg can be easily made slightly larger and knobs to fit the English/non metric pots are available.

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