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Nothing more dangerous than a novice with a soldering iron!.

I replaced a pickup in one of my guitars that had 5 wire coil tapped humbucker with a three wire (black, white and ground).

The factory schematic has the black and ground to the pot and the white to the middle "eyelet" however the original pickup was wired white to the far right eyelet with the middle wire going to the coil tap.

I do not want the coil tap but do not mind it being in the circuit.

1. Does it make a difference which eyelet I use?

(I used the far right and it sounds fine)

2. Should I simply double solder to the middle eyelet keeping the coil tap wire?

Thanks in advance


In general use, one end is the ground, the other end is the input, the middle is the input (from the pickup in this case).

If a dual pickup guitar is wired this way (each with its own pot of course), turning down one volume control will kill both pickups (Gibson). If you don't want this to happen, use the middle as the input and the end as the output (Jazz Bass). The disadvantage is that as you turn down the control, the loading on the pot will change the tone more dramatically than usual. The advantage is that you don't need a switch, and you can blend the pickups to taste.

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