Pots to use with Seymour Duncan JB & Jazz Pickups?


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I have a Parker Fly Mojo Single Cut with Seymour Duncan JB & Jazz pickups installed. I've been reading about the pickups and the story is that the pickups were originally created for Jeff Beck in a "Tele-Gib" (a Telecaster with dual humbuckers) and that 250k pots were used. SD mentions on their website that many people use 250k pots on the JB pickup.

I was thinking about trying the 250k pots on my Mojo guitar which currently has 500k pots. The guitar has the following controls:
- 2 volume controls
- 1 tone control with push-pull coil-tapping
- 3 way switch

Based off of some other people's experience in this forum, I was looking for some advice:

- Should I put 250k pots on BOTH volume controls? Or is it better to put a 250k pot only on the JB but keep the 500k pot on the Jazz?

- Should I also use a 250k tone pot or keep the 500k pot?

Thanks for any advice!

If it were my guitar, I would stick with the 500k Pots. There's the potential for your guitar being Mahogany body to be too dark sounding with 250k Pots.

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