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Power Conditioner and One Spot?


So I'm looking at power supplies for my board, and I'm wondering if the One Spot through a power conditioner would give me the same performance as a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2+. The conditioner blocks out noise, so that'd solve the one spot noise issue, right? (which I heard was very minimal)


the problem with the one spot and all other daisy chain pedals, is that they don't have isolated power outputs. Most pedals work with the daisy chain just fine, but certain pedals won't work without noise. I use a one spot but it dosn't agree with a digitech x series pedal, but it works fine with a bad monkey. So I just use a separate power adaptor for the one offending pedal, and the one spot with the rest.

Also certain fuzz pedals don't get along with daisy chains.

So unfortunately the Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2+ is the best way to go for noiseless power. Unless you don't mind having individual power adapters with certain effects.



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I have a one spot and use it all the time, but I can't power either of my chorus pedals with it. The switching noise in the One Spot comes through my chorus pedals making it unusable.

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