Power Supplies?

High Voltage

Hey guys Im in the market for a power supply. I was looking at the Pedal Power 2 Plus but then some people mentioned the BBE Supacharger to me. Any thoughts on these two? It seems alot of people use the Voodoo Labs one. Any other I should check it out? Thanks

Andy J.

Well, the PP2+ HC outs (5-6) are 250mA where as the BBE are only 200. PP2 also has sag, which I believe the BBE does not.
...and 'cause I don't require more current than that and cannot think of a good use for the sag function (I'm told by PP2+ owners that it really doesn't sound like a dying battery...), I'm totally in love with my SupaCharger! Works with both European and American voltages, too!

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