power supply unit that can power 2 18v and 1 24v effect pedal

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    Mar 17, 2011

    Is there a power supply unit like the Pedal Power 2 Plus that can power 1 24v pedal (EHX Deluxe Memory Man) and 2 18v pedals (Pigtronix Tremvelope & ENVELOPE PHASER 2) without using a y cable? If I was to use the Pedal Power 2 Plus, those 3 pedals would take up three outputs. Is there one out there that would only need one individual output per pedal regardless of voltage.

    Thank you!
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    If you have a Cioks Pro series PSU, it can be done w/o using 2 taps. However, there are several restrictions in doing so. For each effects, it must be analog and doesn't exceed 25mA. Reason being is that when you increase the voltage, the mA will also increase.

    Cioks has a Booster Flex cable that you can use to boot the voltage from 9 or 12V to 18/24V. But, as I mentioned prior, increasing voltage will increase mA, therefore it cannot exceed 50mA after boosting the power.

    The only PSU that may be able to achieve what you are looking for would be the Burkey Flatliner or a GLab PSU. They are costly, but are very well built. But overall, I don't even think they can do what you are asking for w/o the proper 2 tap power cable.

    The CAE MC-403 has 4-18V taps and 2-variable volt taps that can be bridged to achieve 24V as well.

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