powering m9

Okay. i have searched, but with no luck. Is there any other way to power an m9. The supplied power supply is starting to come apart where the thing chords meets the giant square part of the power supply.

it says on the bottom of the m9 it needs. 9v ac (i think) with 2000millamps

i have a onespot 9v 1700 milliamp with line 6 dl4 converter will that work.

I just dont want to buy another line 6 power supply for it to break again.


That won't cover the power consumption you need... the LCD takes up a lot of the power. Your only option as of now is to get another m9 power adapter. How old is the pedal maybe its a warranty problem... it could be fixed with some solder and electric tape.
i bought it in december brand new. Ill take a pic and post it. For now i have gaft tape keeping the wires from touching each other.

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