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Powering your board??


Senior Member
Hey guys...I have a question..I've recently bought a few pedals,pedalboard and a one spot.ive got 6 pedals hooked into the one spot and all works great.do you guys unplug the one spot from the wall when your done playing?.it seems like it would make more sense to have a master on/off switch.my boss rc-2looper instructions say I have to unhook the patch cables before shutting off power.will it hurt it if I shut the power off to it with the patch cable still plugged in?:thud:messedup


Silver Supporting Member
I think most pedalboard power supplies require you to unplug from the wall to turn off.


Silver Supporting Member
Unplug from the wall makes the most sense.
The reason the Boss RC says to unplug is in the event of a battery, leaving a cable in the input Jack will drain the battery whether the pedal is on or off.
The wall Wart of the 1 spot is similar to a phone charger in they it is always "on" when plugged in whether it is powering anything or not, so unplug it to save pennies on your electric bill.
Leaving everything plugged in would have no detrimental effects (pun) on your devises.

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