PP2+ and step-down voltage converter question


Hey all, I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions for a compact voltage converter for the PP2+. I'm going to Australia for a couple years (HILC, college), and I need something for my board when I get there. My amp is fine.

I've decided to abandon my quest for a power supply that can power all of my effects (includes the M9 and TimeFactor), will work overseas, and fit underneath my PT2 . The solution: The PP2+ and a voltage converter (which I originally wanted to avoid.

My quest now is to find a converter that will fit underneath my PT2. Has anyone done this or is a wall wart-style plug my best choice? Also, does having the converter affect sound at all? I'm using a power strip and OneSpot at the moment, so I guess I wouldn't notice too much of a difference, but still... I want to get the most out of my gear.


I bought the BBE Supa-Charger instead of the PP2 because you can switch the voltage at the back of the box. So no need for a step down transformer.


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could you put out a call for a trade for a 240v version? for someone going the other way who may want the 110v?? never know?


I've only ever bought step-down trannies for amps, and because of the current draw they are big, heavy brutes about the size of a Marshall 100W power tranny. They are readily available here in Australia but will probably cost almost as much as a PP2 anyway.

I know that the BBE and the T Rex power supplies will work on either 120 or 240V. Voodoo Lab seem to be the only ones who don't do this and they cost a lot here! You can buy One Spots and they work here as long as you have an adaptor plug. One Spots with Aussie plugs on are about $20-30 on Ebay. A One Spot will power a Timefactor but if you use it to power anything else as well you will get noise.

Power supplies are still a bloody pain.

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Hey treeuh - not quite sure what the power requirements for the PP2+, in the manual it says the "Courtesy rear AC outlet" max draw is 200W - so from that one would assume that you'll need step-down transformer that can handle at least 200W. something like this would should do the job - not exactly small though, and at 4.5kg not the kinda thing i'd like to be lugging around - those little 'wall wart' step-downs are pretty much only good for electric shavers and the like.

As far as other power units that haven't been mentioned so far - Modtone make a pretty nice unit

If you have your heart stuck on a Voodoo Labs, you may be able to get the unit modified (ie. swap the power transformer out). If you are heading to Sydney or Brisbane send me a PM and i can give you contacts of a few guys that may be able to help you out. As JimmyR said, the PP2+ costs a lot here (anywhere between $380-$450) you really don't want to be buying one when you arrive.

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