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PP2+ to Polytune to Daisy Chain



Anyone used the Polytune to dasiy chain a couple of pedals when you have run out of "Outputs" on the PP2+?

I know I only have 100mA to play with on the PP2+ as I am using the the higher powered outputs for my Strymons.

I reckon that I could do the Polytune(50mA), MC404 WAH(6.3mA) and Keeley Comp(?mA, anyone know) with no problems that I know of. I only quote these figures as I find the current draw on the wah unbelievably low.

Can the more experienced among you tell me if I am thinking this through correctly? I am at the ok stage of setting up the board and the signal chain, but daisy chaining from another pedal is unexplored territory.

If I only dasiy chain 2 more pedals then I will have some "ends" loose on the daisy chain lead, is this ok to have these "ends" loose. Alternatively, can you buy daisy chain leads with less "ends" on them.

Would daisy chaining from the Polytune achieve lower performance from the pedals involved?

Forgive my ignorance on this subject and thanks for any help.



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It's better to chain off of a tap than the tuner. You can get away w/ low mA pedal(s) off of a tuner, but not much more. The possibility of noise would be more prevalent thru the tuner over the tap daisy chain.

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