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    Hey Guys, not sure if this is the correct place to put this thread...

    Well i have done it .. had a bunch of Boss gt-10's i kept around for personal practice... i would have them plugged into my home computer / business computer for quiet practice ( using my computer speakers ) and i would drag one along to grab n go open mics and weekly band practice when i didn't want to / or was too lazy to bring out my gigging rig.

    Now, im interested in spending time with a small pedalboard so i can try out all the awesome pedals that are out there! Here is the rub. with the GT-10 i had the option of usb and line out which made it incredibly easy to hook to my pc... in stereo no less.... whats out there to get me connected in the same way that i can run my pedals into ( id like to do this without an amp as the kids / bride are usually sound asleep when i practice )

    thanks !

  2. Broomz

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    Nov 25, 2015
    Probably the cheapest way is an iRig Pro into either your computer via usb (or even iPad/iPhone via the included adaptor) then your own headphones. (Note with the newest iPhone 7 you would have to use Bluetooth headphones since the same jack is meant for both.) You can just plug your chain into the 1/4" jack and control the input volume via the dial in front.

    If you must have stereo there's a version with 2 inputs, but read the reviews and make sure it does everything you need. I believe people have some issue with it like maybe it doesn't run on bus power from the phone/pad. Can't remember but I had been interested at one point but found out it wouldn't do exactly what i needed for recording.
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