Praise for Collings I-35


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I got an I-35 about a year ago. Going from solid body, single coil guitars to this instrument was an uncomfortable transition. In making the switch I had to revamp my rig, adjust my technique and attune my ears.

Now, a year on, this guitar is home for me. It is so articulate and has so much sweetness. Chords are full and rich, single notes sing out. There is a fullness that you just can't get with solid bodies.

The point struck home last night on a gig. I whipped out a Lentz strat, tuned to Eb for a certain song. Now this is, IMHO, the greatest strat on earth. But man! did it ever sound THIN! The word that came to mind at the moment was "snaky". Indeed, it was a great strat sound - round low E, totally open tubular sound, notes popping off the fretboard. But it just sounded small in comparison to the Collings, even after adjusting amp settings to compensate.

For me, the I-35 really shines with single note playing. Each note is so meaty and fat. There is so much power there.

I use the guitar for most everything. It can be jazzy and it can definitely do hard rock.

The Collings is a wonderful guitar that has changed me as a player.

There are plenty of Collings threads. But I wanted to start my own to comment on my experience with the guitar.

Please share your experience or questions.


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I agree. I had an I35 Deluxe for a while, and it was flawless - pretty much everything I needed a 335 style guitar to be. My only reason for selling was that I already owned a vintage 1962 ES335 that I was not going to sell, and the two covered the same tonal territory.

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