Praise for Delta Labs...who knew?!?

James M

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I know...the title of this thread will probably have most people ignoring it or thinking I'm mental, but here goes....

So, I was looking for a cheap chorus pedal to throw on my Pedaltrain Mini practice board...only requirement was that it functioned and sounded half decent for rehearsals. I picked up a mint Delta Labs chorus in the emporium for like $30 or something. Well guess what? It's turned out to be my favorite chorus and is now on my big board...I've been through a Keeley/Boss CE-2, Boss CE-5, MXR Chorus, Fromel Lush, and probably a few others that I can't remember, and the Delta Labs sounded better and more lush to my ears. I know they are made in China and have a bad rep, but it's quiet, sounds great, and is built like a tank.

Just thought I'd spread the word!


It's cool to find something that works based on your ears and not your eyes and wallet! Congrats on finding the right chorus. I felt the same way about the Hardwire Chorus which sounded as good or better than some other chorus' costing 2x + as much.


deltalab is a wallet saver haha
i have the delay.. it works better that for what i wanted it to.. and i was about to get the chorus but i find a boss ph3 new but returned for 65 bucks... haha but yeah deltalabs are sweet.. they say the dist pedals are awesome too.. havent tried em thou

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