Praise for the Cmatmods Signa Drive


Bought this on a whim around Christmas. Put it on my board, fired it up at home and... completely disappointed. Thought about quickly reselling it, but got lazy.

But then...

Played with the band a couple of weeks later. I hadn't forgotten about the pedal, just didn't intend to use it. But it was sitting there, calling to me. I don't remember exactly why I stepped on it then, but I did. Next thing I know, I used it in most of the songs that gig. It just sounded so "right" in the mix. Now, it's my main overdrive. I run the gain about 9 o'clock, and sometimes use my Timmy after it. Never disappointed in my live sound with it.

I'm very glad I got lazy and didn't sell this right away. And now, three-ish months later, I think that not only has it earned permanent status on the board, but I felt I ought to tell others how I felt, and make the relationship official. I consummated by adhering Velcro to the back in a private ceremony on the kitchen table.

So first off, give this pedal a shot.

Secondly, have you ever eventually fallen in love with a pedal you didn't like at first?
I used to have one. I loved it until I got my AC15, and it was way too bright and tinny. With the amps I played it through before were amazing. I've been haunted my the thick, yet clear tone I got from the signa drive. will definitely order one again.


Yep. Great OD. A little grainy for me. I like my mid gain a little smoother but still. Great drive!

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