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So, in my other thread I explained my Suhr Badger cab was damaged by UPS. The ebay seller has been GREAT with all of this, starting the claims process, working with his local UPS store, keeping me informed, etc... I'm very pleased so this guy gets an A+ no matter what happens.
So, I made sure the packaging shows an obvious damage (arrows pointing to it lol!). I was then told to use the original packing material but pack it really, really well. So, I have done that.
UPS is picking it up tomorrow and I guess it goes to the claims department? Then they will decide if we get approved? What concerns me is that no one can tell me for certain if I actually get the current cab back win or lose??? There's no way they could take the cab, refuse to pay the insurance AND keep the cab right? That would be horrible.


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Even considering this was an ebay deal vs. buying the gear from a reseller or directly from Suhr?
The driver picked up the package today, I guess we'll see what happens... fingers crossed!
Keep in mind this little bugger is $500 new and that is what it was insured for - I knew sooner or later something like this would happen.


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The goods have always been sent back to the seller, in my experience.

Also, the check, if cut, will get sent to the seller.

The last time I filed a claim, as the seller, my claim was initially denied (also it took them 2 weeks and about 10 failed attempts to come pick up the package to inspect for damage - I had to call them everyday). I kept pushing UPS and told them I had packed sufficiently and was going to file in small claims court. The insurance CSR approved my claim after a few minutes. They sent the check a week later, and then, for some reason, UPS came by two months later asking for the damaged package.

Luckily, I still had the package around just in case. UPS didn't come back to pick up the package though...they're all types of disorganized. I called them and told them the damaged item had been sitting there for a week for them to pickup - the UPS CSR said the system had no notes about this item needing to be picked up...


I had a similar situation where UPS badly damaged a blackface Fender Bandmaster that was converted to a 1 X 12 combo that I puchased off Ebay. It appeared that the amp must have been dropped from a significant distance as the speaker baffle was broke at the mounting bolts and the OT was dangling by one mount. The chassis was also bent at the PT mounting. The damages were not visible upon initial inspection and the amp fired up just fine. Needless to say, the tubes (shipped installed) survived the drop.

I eventually contacted the seller (who was very cooperative) and UPS. The shipment had been insured. UPS wanted to pick up the amp, but it just seemed to me that I may be exposing it to further damage. After another call to a UPS rep, they agreed to have me email detailed before and after photos. In the Ebay ad, there were a few detailed photos of the undamaged chassis and transformers.

Ultimately, they paid the insurance claim to the seller. And he eventually sent me a check. The whole situation probably took almost 2 months, but I had possession of the damaged amp and the insurance payment. A woodworker friend of mine helped me fix the baffle and I was able to purchase a new OT, speaker, tubes and had the funds for the amp tech to fix the damages and go over anything else the amp might need.

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