Presonus air series


Has anyone had any experience with these? There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of info on these, especially from people from the modelling community. The past few days, I've been reading up on powered speakers and I just saw these tonight but wanted more info.

Initially I was looking at the Alto TS2xx series, but I've seen people saying that they're having tweeter failure and a couple of other issues. After reading that, I was a bit discouraged from those (seeing as I don't like to waste money lol). I then started to look at the Yamaha DXR series, but since I found out Presonus has the Air line, I'm very curious about them (especially since Presonus is from my home town, AND they're a bit cheaper).

Anyone try out the Presonus air speakers? Very interested in them but there isn't a lot of user info.

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