Sold *PRICE DROP 3* Basic Audio Foxey Lady ($90); Will trade for chorus pedal!


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I'm selling a Basic Audio Foxey Lady. This is a versatile Muff style pedal from John Lyons in a finish that is not usually available (I personally like it better than the current ones).

The controls are:

Top left: Level
Top right: Fuzz
Bottom left: Mids (SUPER useful)
Bottom right: Tone

The knobs on the right side are slightly askew compared to those on the left, as are the side input jacks. The pedal is in great condition with no velcro and has just a few minor nicks and scratches.

SOLD PP/shipped to CONUS

I'm also looking for a Mr. Black Double Chorus (or any other chorus pedal of similar quality), so if you have one you'd like to strike up some sort of trade for, let me know! If you have another pedal you think I won't be able to resist, feel free to entertain me ;)

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These are incredible fuzzes... I just picked one up recently and am in love with it!


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