Sold -PRICE DROP- Basic Audio Solar Myth ($100); will trade for different fuzz or Double Chorus


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Hi all,

I have a Basic Audio Solar Myth that unfortunately does not work well with my amp (Vox AC15C1). Given a less mid-centric amp, this is a great sounding pedal. The pedal shows some minor wear, but is otherwise in great shape (and also in a non-standard finish).

I'm first and foremost interested in trading (or trade + cash) for a fuzz that will better compliment my AC15 (perhaps a Muff type fuzz?). Such pedals include the Wren and Cuff Tri Pie, or the Basic Audio Alter Destiny. I'm also looking for a Mr. Black Double Chorus.

Otherwise, the pedal is $100 pp/shipped to CONUS.


Let me know if you're interested!

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