Sold PRICE DROP - "Custom" 62 Inspired Jazz Bass - Premium Parts Build (Nash JB-63 'Clone')



Selling/trading my “custom” 62 inspired Jazz bass built with premium parts. Less than a year old, no major damage/straches/dings except the neck was a tight fit into the pocket and chipped off some of the original finish when it was assembled but was touched up by the luthier. I modeled most of the components off what Nash uses in his JB-63 and than made the specs a little closer to what Fender used on the original 62s. Plays and sounds like a dream, great sustain on this bass. Needs to go to good home where she will get more attention (got a 4003 shortly after I built the jazz which has been used for most of my playing).

  • Neck - Musikraft (finished by MJT, maple with rosewood fretboard, 7.25 radius, 6230 frets, clay dot inlays, thin profile)
  • Body - Wildwood (finished by MJT black nitro, closet clean, alder)
  • Pickups - Lollar Jazz
  • Tuners - Gotoh GBR640 Res-o-lites (nickel)
  • Bridge - Gotoh 203 (nickel)
  • Control Plate - Loaded (stack knobs, cts pots, orange drop caps, switch craft jack)
  • Pickguard - Pickguardian (WBW, vintage bevel)
  • Strings - XL Chromes Flatwound Medium
  • Vintage Neck/Bridge pups Shields, Control Shield and Ground Bridge Strap
  • Neck Cover (Fender, chrome)
  • All the other stuff (neck plate, strap buttons, string guide, screws) Gotoh or Fender, all nickel
  • Weight - 9.2lbs on a digital scale

Assembled and set up by local luthier with 40 years experience.

Probably $1,350+ worth of parts/labor total.

Ships in Fender tweed HSC. SOLD

Trades (+/- cash):
Gibson Ripper
Orange OB1-500
smallsound/bigsound No Memory

Maybe some other stuff I just can’t think of now.
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