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Sold Price Drop! Eventide H9 MAX w/ Barn 3 switch.


!!! SOLD

For sale is my Eventide H9 MAX with an included Barn 3 aux switch. Price is for both items sold together and includes PP and shipping within ConUS.


The unit is in excellent working condition. It has been used on my main pedalboard for the past 10 months so it does have some wear marks. There are 3 marks on the unit that are highlighted in the pictures below. One is on the front of the unit, above the "E" in the Eventide logo. The other 2 marks on on the left-side of the unit.

I will de-register the unit to my account prior to shipping so you'll need to register the unit under your name. The H9 is update on firmware level and is currently loaded with all of the factory presets.

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