Sold PRICE DROP!! Tom Anderson Hollow Cobra - 6.2lbs - Wolfetone Marshallheads


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Got a Tom Anderson Hollow Cobra in excellent condition for sale. Only mods are a pair of Wolfetone Marshallhead pickups I swapped in, but the stock pickups will be included at no charge. The spec sheet can be found below.

The only trade I am interested in is a Gibson CS Les Paul with a slim neck, like a G0, or R7 with slim neck.

Weighs 6.2lbs per my bathroom scale.

$2,100 shipped/paypaled - US only.
Price Drop again on 2/20 - $1,925 shipped/paypaled - US only.

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This is an exceptional guitar with flawless build quality, effortless handling and tone for days - I bought mine here on the forum 4 years ago and it stays, having replaced my
vintage ES-345 on most occasions, covering my soul/blues/jazz gigs with honors. The only thing it doesn't have in spades is the low end chunk of a Les Paul but
when you don't need that it's a bomb. Some lucky devil grab it fast, it's a good one ! :rockin


Interested in your guitar. New to this forum and not really sure how to contact you directly. Please be in touch. Thanks.

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