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Primary's $3,350 in Free Gear Winners Announced!!!

*****UPDATE 09/25/2021*****

Winners announced and update - CLICK HERE

We've partnered with Primary (the same folks who power our newsletters) to give TGP members $3,350 in free gear. The best part is, you pick the prize you want to win!

Primary has built a Chrome extension that automatically searches forums and Reddit for comments about products you’re shopping for. So imagine you are shopping on a retailer's product page for the Kurt Cobain Jaguar and while on that page, you can see forum comments about this guitar!


Now for a special giveaway from Primary and TGP! All you need to do is install the plug-in and try it out for yourself. Go to a retailer's site and browse for gear (any retailer). And the plug-in should pop up with forum topics about that product. You would take a screenshot of that and submit the screenshot to this thread.

Here are step-by-step instructions!

Step 1: Download the Primary Chrome Extension. It would be best if you used Google Chrome Browser). Go here:


Step 2: Shop for Gear. Go to a music retailer's product page for the gear you want to win.

Step 3: Click the P button for the Primary Chrome Extension. Please wait a few seconds for it to pop up on the right side of your Window.

Step 4: Take a screenshot or photo of the Primary chrome extension popping up on the page. Make sure it contains the browser window with the product title and extension pop-up (but don't include any personal information).

Note: Here is how to take a screenshot. Windows or Mac

Step 5: Share Your Screenshot on this Thread!

You can submit up to 5 screenshots:

* 1 screenshot of a product worth up to $1,500
* 1 screenshot of a product worth up to $1,000
* 1 screenshot of a product worth up to $500
* 1 screenshot of a product worth up to $250
* 1 screenshot of a product worth up to $100

Note: Here are directions for adding an image to this thread. You need to add them to the media section first and then embed the photo in the thread.
*(Supporting members can upload media directly from their computers to the forum. To do so, you must click “Media” in the blue bar on top and then “Add Media” (to the right). Photos need to be screen resolution, 72 dpi. Higher resolution photos seem to cause issues with the software. Name the album you are creating (this only needs to be done once) and then add media. When you are in the post-entry box, you can click on the “camera” icon and drop your images in line with your posts.
Alternatively, whether you are a supporting member or not, you can link to remotely hosted pictures. We recommend a free picture hosting service such as described here: https://www.lifewire.com/free-image-hosting-sites-3486329.)

Primary Page About This Giveaway


Official Rules
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Congratulations to all the winners and a big high five to the primary team for creating such an amazing extension!

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