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I have a vox ac10 I been using that sounds really good. I been thru 3 sets of tubes in it so questioning the reliability of it. Anyways, my band mate got a 68 deluxe reissue which sounds fantastic thru my pedal board and guitars. Wondering how a Princeton would compare. The deluxe is way loud in the setting we are playing. I could get a deluxe but thinking a Princeton would work.

would the Princeton reissue be a good choice with a 12 or a 10 and would that be a reliable amp? Any other amps 1x12 to consider. I’m worried about the reliability since the amp tech in town recently retired. He walked me thru fixing my vox when it had no sound with replacing a fuse and said then to replace the power tubes.

snould I look at a vox ac15 too? They seem like reviews give them a excellet quality build.

any advice. I do like small and light. I have a fender concert which sounds great but weights 72 lbs.

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for me the little Vox amps aren't clean enough at stage volume, even when mic'ed..and the Deluxe is a bit overkill. I'd rather play a Princeton w/12 and get my grit from a pedal
..unless you're in a situation where you can crank the deluxe. My princeton has been gigged hard for years and still the new old stock tubes i put in back in '97



I have an AC10 and a Princeton Reverb RI with a 12” Jensen speaker. I like them both a lot but play the Princeton much more often. I think you’d be quite happy with a Princeton.

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