Pro Pedal Board Assembler/"Wirer"? ASAP


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hey all,
i've got a buddy in a nationally known, up and coming band that's going on tour in about a week and a half and is need of having his board reworked a little. he's got the board, pedals, etc...just needs it tweaked and possibly reworked a touch as it's a bit of a mess.

it's a stereo rig, don't think there's any midi involved, just the basic stuff but it needs to be road worthy and done quickly (by feb 7th).

is there a reputable pedalboard guy/gal a la bradshaw on here that can do the job or is there someone i can be pointed to that could help out?

i can facilitate connecting the two parties so you they could discuss particulars.

thanks in advance for any leads and hopefully my post made some sense, haha.

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