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Problem with Hot Cat clean channel...help?


Hi guys,
I used to be a member of this board when it first got started, along with the B&M forum, but it's been awhile. Anyway, I have an issue with my Bad Cat that i'm hoping someone can help with...

I have a Hot Cat 30w. the other day i wasn't getting sound from the clean channel (gain channel is fine). when i would play with the volume knob a bit, it would make really loud pops and cracks. it would do this whether i selected solid state or tube, and i tried different cables to make sure that wasn't the case. I changed all the tubes as well but that did nothing.

Any idea what might be wrong or what i should do? I emailed Bad Cat but haven't heard back from them yet.



probably a bad solder joint (maybe a damaged pot) in the input chain. the bad cat's are pretty solidly (if busily) built and it should be a straight forward fix for a tech (or even a knowledgeable DIY'r).


If it only happens when you turn the volume control,then it may be a dirty pot or even a bad one.Clean the pot with de-oxit first and see if it helps.


First thing I would do is change the first preamp tube. As you look in the back of the amp it's the one in the far right corner. The clean channel is really simple - uses only one tube triode before going to the PI so finding the problem shouldn't be difficult!

If changing the tube doesn't fix it then yes - it's possibly the pot. If you need to replace it it's a CGE 1MA pot.

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