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problem with SOLO function on Mesa RectoVerb



Hey guys, Ive been having trouble with the solo function on my mesa rectoverb, it usually doesnt work.. OCCASIONALLY itll just start to work . its weird.. any clues?

John Phillips

Sounds like a switching problem - possibly a sticking relay - or some other intermittent connection, like a bad solder joint.

At least if it generally doesn't work it should be relatively easy to trace - the worst kinds of faults are those which only occur rarely - ie not when it's in bits on the bench :rolleyes:.


My Schematics for those are at work, so I can't point you to which one, but I'd look at the LDR switches in the unit. There are a ton of those in there that deal with the switching functions of the amp. I'd just go ahead and hit all the solder conections for those first. If I had the schematic in front of me I could tell you which ones are in the solo function... I'll try to remember to look today, but my memory bites... PaulC


Thanks very much Paul,

Is there any possibility this could be the tubes in any way shape or form? The solo button is basically just a power boost I think and a reeq?

Well here is what makes me ask this question.. I got the amp and the button worked fine.. I only had the amp for a few days before I retubed the preamp tubes(The reverb I am not so sure about :) ).. I decided to throw in a new set of preamp tubes..

Fired it up and it sounded great .. but the button stopped working.. Swapped all the old preamp tubes back in, button still didnt work.. I wonder if a bad preamp tube may have somehow messed up the power amp tubes?? I notice one of them glows a little blue.. I guess thats ok though.. I dont want to drop 50 more dollars on some new power amp tubes only to find out this is all completely unrelated.. booo!

Peter C

This may be a stupid question, but have you made sure the solo level is above your master volume level when switching?



Thanks guys, yep I defenatily checked that out. turned the solo all the way up only to see it make no difference.. is this ver hard to repair?