Project Share Thread (Guitars, amps, cabs, basses, etc)

I'm starting some first time "from-scratch" projects and some mods to current items. I didn't see much of a set forum thread for it, so why not start one? Feel free to post a little ditty about your current projects and feel free to link them.

Project 1: First guitar body build. I have a 14" x 20" two piece Alder blank I'm ready to use for my first guitar build. I still need to figure the neck out, but I've pretty much set myself on the pickups, electronics, and even the body shape. It will be more or less a combination of a Wilshire and a Jazzmaster guitar with dual horns in a slight offset. I'm using a set of vintage JM90 pickups from GFS and plan to have one CTS volume, one CTS tone, and a 3 way switch. Hard tailing it as well because I'm not a tremolo guy. The only decision I still need to make is the neck as far as where to get it, do I make it from scratch, bolt on or set in (even though I'm leaning to bolt on from Warmoth), and how to possibly add the Kona style surfboard stripes with the Butterscotch Blonde paint (thanks Guitar ReRanch).

Project 2: The Squier '51 mods. I've so far changed the bridge from the flat mount to a Telecaster Humbucker bridge from GFS. Next plan is to replace the pots with two CTS pots (maybe both push pull for a future addition of a humbucker in the neck but I'm also thinking I could wire them both to one) and add a 3 way Fender switch. Also heard about some tuners I'd like to use instead, repainting the body with the Krylon technique (or saving the Krylon for another project), and doing the coveted Bubba Mod to avoid redrilling the body for the bridge in the long haul. More info can be found here.

Project 3: Yamaha junk guitar. It's an honest mess, but it is a Strat shape body I'm looking to refurbish to fit two humbuckers. The humbuckers for this project were purchased on eBay and were originally pulled from a Dean MLX. They sounded pretty good in my Les Paul china shop DIY kit that fell apart. So worst case, I'll order a Warmoth body and see what I can do. With my budget, I got other projects to take care of before I consider pouring money into this pit.

Project 4: A cabinet for my Micro Dark. I've purchased an Orange Micro Dark and am currently running it through a PA monitor speaker. It sounds fine, but there's little air running through and it tends to sound rather lithe and lifeless. I want warmer tone without muddying it up and I'm hoping a cabinet would make it easier. But would buying a good 2x12 be better or building a custom cabinet?

If you want to give any tips or discuss my projects listed, feel free to number which project in your post. Or why not talk about your current/future projects? I'd love to hear more about them.

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