Promoting your own band...What works these days?


I've been fortunate enough to have some really good friends that are also talented musicians, and after years of talking about it we have finally put together a band and our now out looking to book shows.

Right now, we are playing our own material (with a cover here or there) and I have been able to book us a couple of shows through contacts I've kept over the years. I've been able to get the gigs on the past reputations of bands I've been in so I didn't need a demo or any of the usual 'stuff' needed to book shows at the original music venues in Atlanta.

I know the basics (press packet, demo, picture, etc) and we have a myspace page with some of the songs but what else works these days to help promote local live bands?

Looking for some ideas besides the same stuff I was doing ten years ago....any insight appreciated!



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Promotion is always tough - tactics that work for some bands might not work for others. I can tell you two things that never, ever worked for my own band, in regards to increasing show attendance: fliers & posters. Complete waste of time in a large city like NY if you are not already an established, popular band (it took us a long time to finally admit this to ourselves).

When MySpace first got big that was a great resource - we greatly increased attendance from our bulletins and emails on the site - but MySpace is oversaturated by bands now, so it's as effective anymore, except as a convenient place to send folks who want to check out some of your tunes (which does make it still a necessity). If you want to make the most of MySpace you need to invest in friend-bot software that will send out thousands of friend requests for you every week - it's the only way to build up your friend list, short of hiring a squad of street-teamers.

Facebook is still on the rise, so you should mirror your MySpace profile there, but it's not as focused on music like MySpace, so you have to work harder to attract friends/fans to your page.

Don't overlook odd places to promote maybe establishing your band in video game communities like Second Life.


Myspace works great for advertising. You can put Youtube videos of your band on there to give people a idea of how you sound. Send out flyers on bulletins instead of driving around posting them everywhere. You can also add a ton of people from the area you are wanting to play. They hear about you on Myspace and they want to see you because it's a new band they have not heard yet. Giving club owners live DVD's of your band seems to work good because they see and hear the band in action. Flyers & posters are okay if you go to the club your going to play about a week before and post them there.


In my experience, booking shows hasn't changed that much...finding out when the person who books bands works, and taking your stuff to them, connecting a face, and the fact that you're a real person always does wonders...and then following up with them regularly...

EPK's and such just seem easy too easy to be a link not followed...

I like myspace a lot for promoting to potential fans, and occasionally I send a friend request to someone who works in radio or what not without knowing it...but for pestering clubs, I'm not so sure...if you don't use a bot, or even if you do (I've never used one, but I hear they're getting pretty sophisticated), try to target people who will like what you're doing...people who are friends of bands you like, clubs you want to play, the best local radiostation, and so on...

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